May Fair 2017 - Waverley Market in Edinburgh - J & V Boutique is here!

J & V Boutique will take part on May Fair on 12th of May 2017 in Waverley Station in Edinburgh! This event will be presented in various stallholders on topics as 'Art & Design', 'Food & Drink', especially 'Gifts', 'Handmade & Handcrafted' for gift ideas and others. It's a remarkable idea for travellers and other people with time between connecting trains to look, buy a gift or refreshment for their journey! You will able to introduce with our high-quality production as hand decorated wooden boxes that made by J & V Boutique. Also you are able to get a lot of boundless ideas for design and style of wooden boxes. We can discuss about your special design, if you'd like to own an unique and exclusive box, making in a single copy! We are going to prepare very carefully on this event. Our consultant will introduce you with our items for sales and we hope that you will surprise to see our goods in live. The event will take a place inside at Waverley Station in Edinburgh. The start of event at 11 am.

See you soon at Waverley Station in Edinburgh City Centre! Don't miss out! :)

Waverley Market 2017. J & V Boutique.

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